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The Project Manager

Project Management

We understand the demands that come with managing multi-million dollar projects and portfolios. We understand because we have planned, managed and successfully helped deliver combined capital
programs valued at close to $250 million. We are specialists in project
management inculding Portfolio and Project Services. Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors including
health, infrastructure, haulage etc.

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Project Management Office Setup (PMO) Services

We help you identify improvement opportunities in your current processes. We help you discard the wrong processes and develop new,
efficient ones. Our unique management process improvement model is central to this critical effort. We focus on how your project management processes are aligned with your business strategies.
We assist you with alignment of processes and strategy development to
work for and not against you!

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PM Corporate Training

Our experienced coaches will partner with your staff to develop leadership skills and help apply leanings from formal education to
practical projects. You can benefit from our seasoned experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and collaborative attitude.
Our coaches are chosen very carefully for their abilities to mentor project managers, expand and improve their skills including problem solving.

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